Basic Infos in English

We are pleased that you are interested in us. Here you find some basic informations in english.The most important thing – namely the music – is international anyway….

Music for heart, soul and dancing leg” – We are a Munich-based Band that brings a sound to life, that inspires with its power, elegance and emotionality. Our repertoire ranges from selected classics of Chicago Blues by Otis Rush, Junior Wells, B.B. King or T-Bone-Walker to many lesser known pieces of the genre, which were not endlessly copied in the Rock-Business. We revive these rarities with love and respect. For us, blues is a life-giving experience. We live every note and thus reach the hearts of the listeners within seconds. From melancholic slow blues over powerful shuffles to excursions into early soul, we offer music for every mood and regularly clear up the cliché that blues is only for melancholics. We see as a pure live band. Again and again we are asked whether there are CDs of us. But – we don’t have a CD: Our music comes out of situations, which the audience helps to shape. Each time it is created anew, each time differently, depending on the mood of the band and the audience and the resulting interplay. Therefore only live music is genuine, personal and unrepeatable. What is the use of a CD if this emotional context is missing?

But for people who are interested in our sound there are of course possibilities to listen to some takes. Consequently, these are live takes and without any post-production. They can be found on Soundcloud.  You will also find our Tour Dates here and some Videos here.  We are also on Facebook. There you will find current photos and more live videos. Apropos „live“: You can easily book The Jakarta Blues Band. Send us an inquiry, preferably with a suggested date to  and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss everything else.